PMM only builds and markets websites for medical practices (search engine optimization or SEO)

Having a WebMD or other directory listing is more like having a Yellow Pages listing in one city phone book, rather than having a widely-accessible "real" website. It's fine if the only purpose is for you to give the address to patients in lieu of a brochure, but would be inadequate if you expect it to attract patients to your practice.

If your current website is not attracting enough patients, or even a Google search for your name doesn't turn up your website, we can help.

The difference between having a website and being found on the internet is like the difference between having a scalpel and knowing how to use it!

Most webmasters know HTML, XML, CSS etc coding -and maybe even Search Engine Optimization ("SEO"), but they don't know the culture of the medical community, or how patients -or potential patients- find physicians and their practices. We do (credentials below).

Many components can impact website popularity (find-ability) on the internet: content ("is king!"); social media, architecture, structure & engineering; coding & programming; heading; search engine attractiveness and profile; use of titles, keywords, body content, linking; W3C compliance; video-embedding; all have impact. Often techniques that make a page "pretty" actually interfere with it being found! . We can remodel almost any web site to increase traffic using only legitimate medical practice Search Engine Optimization "SEO" techniques.

Search Engine Submission Techniques for Increased Visability

PMM's clients' websites typically experience increases in appropriate traffic of 500%-3500%. It is not too difficult to increase "gross" traffic ("hits"). Increasing "appropriate" traffic -resulting in more patients or referrers- takes some knowledge of medical practices and each specialty's unique needs. We know the difference between a general practice and general surgeon, an intern and an internist, and a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon! ;-)

Services typically include geographic exclusivity by specialty for one year, with extended terms available. PMM is also expert on ethical, appropriate on-line and off-line advertising & marketing for physician practices.

PMM does not endorse -nor provide- Internet spam or pop-up advertising in any way. Your web site is typically part of your overall Marketing Plan, with-which we can also assist you.

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Medical Web-Marketing Credentials

In addition to medical-society and professional-association medical-marketing faculty credentials posted elsewhere on this website, PMM's web-marketing expert Keith Borglum also:

-was Category Editor of "Healthcare Marketing & Advertising" for DMOZ (the database used by Google, AOL Search, Netscape, HotBot, AltaVista, Lycos, etc for content) for the English-language countries of the world. Keith is one of those persons who decided if-&-how websites got found on Internet search engines, supporting good ("white hat") SEO and penalizing bad ("black hat") SEO.

-One of the few medical-practice marketing experts in the world directly-trained by Google (at "Google U" 2002, in San Francisco) in use/optimization of their AdWords and other programs. (Probably the only person in the world specializing in physician-marketing so trained.)
This was 5 years BEFORE the term "SEO" was invented!

-Editorial Consultant to Medical Economics and other magazines on articles about Internet marketing - (2000-current)

-Medical web-page designer since 1994.

-University-trained in marketing communications. (B.A. in Communication Arts, Ithaca College, 1973)

-Faculty to the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants' programs on both consultant and client marketing (repeatedly)

-30+ years experience in marketing healthcare practices and businesses.

Client Comments:

"Keith Borglum took the time to research our practice and followed up with specific suggestions to greatly improve our ability to reach patients looking for real solutions to their shoulder problems. Keith’s abilities with Search Engine Optimization are responsible for helping many patients around the country finally find an elegant solution for their shoulder problems. The Shoulder Center is extremely grateful to Keith Borglum in helping us carry out our mission. PMM gets my highest recommendation."
Vivek Agrawal MD, The Shoulder Center

"Keith Borglum made a presentation to our 16-doctor ophthalmology group regarding marketing, SEO and practice-building. He made this one of the best retreats we have ever had. Everyone left energized and with a list of items that could be done short-term and long-term. We have put many of his ideas to work and are very pleased with the results"
Joyce Arend, Administrator for Oregon Eye

"Keith Borglum is absolutely fantastic! I highly recommend you utilize his expertise ...if you wish to start or optimize your medical practice. He is worth 20x what he charges...!"
Shino Bay Aguilera D.O. Cosmetic Dermatology and Laser Institute

"I've worked in tandem with Keith Borglum for many years. As a website designer, I find him very easy to work with. He's clear in his instructions and flexible in the execution. His SEO methods are very effective and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to my medical clients." Dee Taylor Cobalt Web Designs

"Normally I knit during conferences to keep myself focused. During Keith's talks I didn't knit a single stitch and hung on every word. Very informative and practical. He should be cloned."
Elizabeth Friedman, M.D., FAAAAI, Faculty AAAAI Practice Management Workshops

"We found your reviews to be very positve and highly rated. High level of expertise, practical material, practical advice"
Lori Foley, American Academy of Family Physicians

"On behalf of the American Academy of Dermatology, I would like to thank you once again for your years of participation as a faculty member."
Scott Dinehart, M.D., Director Practice Management Symposium for Residents

"Thanks for your involvement with the whole workshop. It was greatly appreciated by those who attended!! You have my unequivocal endorsement!"
Marshall Grodofsky MD, Planning Committee & Faculty American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

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