Medical Practice Survey and Personalized Practice Improvement Plan

  • Increase Income
  • Decrease Overhead
  • Reduce Liabilities
  • Evaluate Your Practice Performance

With a Medical Practice Survey and Personalized Practice Improvement Plan you can have a Survey focus on, or be limited to, particular areas of concern, or customized in almost any way you want. Regular hourly consulting is always available by visit, email or phone, and is often elected for post-Survey support and implementation.

What This Comprehensive Consultation Offers You:

  • Find and cure hidden problems, liabilities and obstacles to profitability
  • Learn exactly how your productivity, income and expense statistics compare to your peers
  • Get to know your practice like never before
  • Learn what to do to position yourself to be more successful in or out of managed care
  • Learn in detail how your overhead compares to other practices, where to invest, where to cut and how to budget (cost control is a key to managed care success)
  • Optimize systems (scheduling, staffing, recall, filing, forms, patient flow, etc.) for improved efficiency and profit
  • Have your marketing efforts critiqued -
    and learn how to make them more effective
  • Determine if you are properly staffed, and if staff are fairly paid
  • Learn appropriate ways (and how much) to bonus staff to incentivize optimum performance, at no net cost to you
  • Have the successful techniques of thousands of other medical practices tailored to your practice
  • Receive a written, lengthy, customized, personalized
    Practice Improvement Plan covering over 100 findings about your practice. Keep it and use it for years.
  • Receive over 100 medical business forms to improve your practice, camera ready, and on computer CD-ROM for infinite customization, with personalized recommendations for their use in your practice!

How a Survey Works:

Upon engagement, you will receive a Data Request Package in advance of the consult, which should take you or your staff no longer than one hour to prepare. A consultant will visit and do a "complete history and physical" on your practice, followed within 30 days by a lengthy, detailed, written report covering over 100 category findings. You may also request a summary verbal report at the end of the day's visit. Total consultant time spent will typically be at least three days including at least one full day on-site in your practice interviewing physicians and staff and examining systems. The Survey works around your schedule and you lose no productivity!

You can also have a consult personalized to your individual needs.

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Medical Practice Survey
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Client Quotes:

"I was finding it increasingly difficult to survive in a medical world dominated by managed care. Under Keith's expert guidance we revamped my office ambience, fee structures, and collections methods. Other problem areas were identified and effective solutions were provided. Patient tracking and recall procedures were institiuted, along with a host of other improvements. I was introduced to the importance of marketing. It is difficult to describe the professionalism, attention to detail, deep understanding of issues, and sensitivities that characterized Keith's approach. My practice is now thriving and –amazingly– free of dependance on third party carriers. Considering the results I got, I consider the cost quite reasonable. I could not conceive of any other investment that would have paid better dividends."

T.S. MD, California


"He evaluated the business practices with ease and expertise, and the sensitive issues with care and candor. With his insights and suggestions, what seemed to be impossible roadblocks to the survival of our practice, now seem to be possible roads toward expansion and growth."

W.S. MD Virginia


"We have had several other consultants who have been hired over the last three years. We were often frustrated by what appeared to be a "cookie-cutter" or single-focus approach to ther recommendations, without an ability to identify our unique strengths and specific weaknesses. The PMM consultant clearly articulated unique recommendations with an excellent understanding of our particular and distinct environment, practice style, and our unique practice culture. His evaluation has been the most beneficial, professional, and most clearly presented of all the different consultants we have worked with"

S.L. MD, Managing Physician, California


"His day was non-stop from the time he arrived until he departed. It was immediately evident that he knew his business. During the individual interviews he gained the trust of all employees and they felt comfortable to speak freely about their concerns and opinions. The consultant clarified problem areas and provided realistic suggestions. He identified and spoke to some very sensitive areas. In this he was able to be candid, but non-offensive. All aspects of his visit were handled in a professional manner. We highly recommend him."

DL, Medical Group Manager, Alaska


"We are a busy oncology practice that increased our office space, office personnel and number of doctors in a short period of time.The transition was facilitated and occurred as efficintly as possible only with the PMM consultant's help and expertise. He was a great help to our office and we would use him again in a minute."

P.E., MD, California


"The thoroughness of the plans and strategies developed by the PMM consultant left nothing uncovered; in fact, I have not seen the quality of service provided by PMM equalled by any other consulting firm. I highly recommend PMM to any physician or hospital desiring to develop a practice correctly...or for a practice that needs a thorough evaluation and guidance for re-direction."

R.T., Director of Program Development, S.R. Hospital, California

"PMM has been helpful at many different levels; to me personally, to my own family practice group, and to the large 200-physician IPA of which I am President. I recommend them highly."

T.Y., MD, California


"We learned a great deal from you and genuinely appreciate your willingness to share your experiences and insights with us."

S.G., Analyst, Health Care Advisory Board, Washington DC

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