List Of Recommended Books and Magazines for Doctors' Office:
by Keith Borglum

These books do not go out of date like magazines, contain multiple short items to read, and books are rarely stolen as are magazines. Patients take magazines to finish long articles, save recipes, etc. You can often find a great collection of unique and interesting coffee table books inexpensively at your local library's annual fund raiser sale.

Book Title Approximate Cost ISBN
14,000 Things to be Happy About $7.00 0-761-14721-7
Curious Customs $10.00 1-578-66070-X
Dinotopia $27.00 0-060-28003-4
The Complete Cartoons of the NewYorker $10.00 1-579-12620-0
National Geographic books -any/all $23.00 0-792-23695-5
TIME: LIFE - any/all of the series $22.00 1-933-82124-8
Collins Big Book of Art $26.00 0-060-83285-1
The Deep: Extraordinary Creatures $38.00 0-226-59566-8
Big Book of Jokes and Riddles $26.00 1-588-65346-3
The Complete Far Side $95.00 0-740-72113-5
The People's Book of Medical Tests $12.95 0-671-55377-1
The Secret Art of Dr Seuss $15.00 0-385-23641-7
Quirky Quotations $10.00 0-517-58560-x

Other quick-item coffee-table type books can be tailored to fit your specialty or the interests of your patient types rather than your own interests. Cartoon compilations are especially good as they improve the patient's mood while waiting prior to the visit.

And be sure to have a secure internet wi-fi connection for smartphone and computer users so they can read and communicate in their normal fashion. You can post the password at the receptionist's window and change it periodically.

And as long as you are at it, post a QR code for patients to download your website.


Recommended Magazines

Remember, tailor the selection to your patients' interests, not yours. Medical journals are rarely appropriate in the waiting room.

Magazine Title ASIN
Us Weekly B002LDA9W8
O (The Oprah Magazine) B001THPA4Y
Time B002PXVYU0
Mens' Health B001TP73UU
Health B002PXW1AC
Parents B0029XHGTY
Popular Mechanics B001THPA26
In Style B002PXW0QW
Eating Well B002PXW06C
Readers Digest B00007B10Y
Consumer Reports on Health B002PXW0EY
Your local community's magazine(s) various

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