Practice Management Consultants
Experts in the "Business Side" of Successful Practice

PMM consultants are called upon to advise on a wide variety of needs related to the "business" side of the practice of health care.

Client practices range from solo practice start-ups and practice surveys to larger group practice needs.
PMM specializes in out-patient professional practices, typically with 1-10 physicians, and has received a high degree of professional recognition.

Most clients seeking profitability-improvement net at least a 300% return on their investment within the first year with a Practice Survey & Improvement Plan.

PMM consultants also act as expert witnesses in court cases on practice valuation issues, contribute to many medical business journals including Medical Economics and AMA News, and authored PMIC/McGraw-Hill's Medical Practice Forms Book and Medical Practice Pre-Employment Tests Book, setting national standards in those topics.

PMM consultants have been on faculty & boards of directors of medical businesses and medical professional associations.

PMM has served over 1,000 medical and related healthcare practices over the past 30+ years

See our Medical Economics Magazine article :
"How To Sell Your Medical Practice"

and our prior cover article:
"Mistakes Doctors Make When Buying or Selling a Practice".

Many other cover articles by our consultants are published at leading industry journals.

Find lots of physician client testimonials at our Client Comments page.


8AMA ConsultingLink®, part of the American Medical Association, carefully screened and chose the top healthcare consultants in the country -- advisors who have what it takes to help your practice thrive in today's constantly changing healthcare environment. They did their homework to make your selection process hassle-free. We are proud to have been a member of the AMA ConsultingLink® network from 1993 until closure of the program in 2005.

2To be included in the American Academy of Family Physicians' Network of Consultants (FP-Assist®), consultants were required to undergo an extensive application and peer review process. Consultant credentials -- education, training and experience -- were carefully evaluated. That ensured that they are qualified to provide you with the services you request, and, most importantly, understand the unique needs of family physicians. We are pleased to have been among the few firms in the nation accepted by AAFP's FP-Assist® for family practice consulting, appraisal and brokerage. PMM was an original Founding Member and participant and on faculty until the cessation of the program in 2010.

3Medical Economics Editorial Consultants are the experts in medical practice that you see listed in the front of each issue. Long before a consultant is invited to join ME's consultant panel, they've established solid working relationships with ME's editors. Editors call upon them when researching articles; send them pre-publication copies of articles for their review, inviting comments and corrections to make sure ME has gotten the facts straight; and publish articles by the consultants. ME has also sponsored our talks at practice management conventions. ME is confident that we know our stuff.

Located at 3468 Piner Rd, Santa Rosa CA 95401,
in the Sonoma Wine Country near San Francisco, practicing nationally

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PMM medical practice management consultants Keith Borglum and his associates provide services for, services to, are on faculty, or are or have-been members of: IPAs, MSOs, PHOs, managed services organization, AAFP, CAFP, ACP, ACS, AOA, AHA, NAHCC, MGMA, SMD, ASPRS, IBA, NHRC, PAHCOM, UAPD, american college of physicians, american academy of family physicians, american medical association, MSOs, medical management, IPAs, independent physician associations, management services organizations.

Partial List of Practice Enhancement Services: Practice Management, Practice Surveys & Reports, Group Formation, Part Time Administrators, medical Strategic Planning, Creative Problem Solving, Services Assessment, Doctor-Manager-Training, Group Governance, Business Plan Development, Practice Start-up/Closure, Practice Purchase and Sale, Managed Care Management, Network Development Systems, medical Office Efficiency, Managed Care Protocols, Scheduling Control, Office Systems Implementation and Update, Computer Integration, Procedures Manuals, Information Processing, Expense Analysis and Control/Budgets, Profitability Increase, Accounts Receivable Control, Practice Valuation/Appraisal, Financial Policies and Controls, Collection Systems, Embezzlement Audits, Statistical Analysis Marketing and Practice Development, Internal Marketing, External Marketing, Brochure or Newsletter Development, Patient Education Programs, Group Expansion, Image Development and Control, Managed Care Marketing, Professional Referral Base Development, Patient Referral Base Development, Specialist Marketing, Seminar Development, Monitoring and Tracking Systems, Public Relations, Advertising, Profit Center Development, Community Education Programs, Strategic Alliances Patient Relations, Staff Training, Patient Retention, Patient Appreciation, Patient Education Materials, medical Personnel, Personnel Management, Manager Training, Hiring/Firing Assistance, Budgeting, Pay/Bonus Advice, Employee Relations, Personnel Policies Manuals.


Medical Practice Management Consultants