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The Computerized Medical Practice Forms Book

contains130 camera-ready, tear-out forms on both paper and CD-ROM with chapters on business, insurance, managed care, clinical, personnel, marketing, management, data tracking, capitation, contract review, medical records, administrative, and physician compensation division. See index of forms. Medical practice enhancement consultants Keith Borglum and Diane Cate of Professional Management and Marketing have completed the Medical Practice Forms book 3rd edition published by The Practice Management Information Center (PMIC). The book sells for $59.95. "We have found in our consulting that almost every practice is different in the way the physicians practice the art of medicine" according to Diane Cate, one of the authors. "Providing these forms on CD-ROM allows for infinite customization to fit the needs of the individual practice. A physician can photocopy forms straight from the book, enter the forms of their choice into their computer and print them out as needed, or take them to any copy shop for modification or bulk printing. Users are encouraged to contribute new forms and variations for the next printing, for which they will receive acknowledgment." The authors are particularly qualified in preparing this book, as in addition to having over 40 years combined medical office experience, they are variously members of the American Medical Association's ConsultantLink®, American Academy of Family Physicians Network of Consultants FP-Assist®, American Academy of Ophthalmology Executives Consultant Panel, Family Physicians' Consultants on Call, National Association of Health Care Consultants, Society of Medical Dental Management Consultants (90-94), Professional Association of Health Care Office Managers, the Institute of Business Appraisers and affiliates of the Medical Group Management Association. 

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ISBN 0-07-600760-X, Title: Medical Practice Forms: Every Form You Need To Succeed, publisher McGraw-Hill Inc..

CD-ROM info: All forms are included in Microsoft Word format for PC or Mac.

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The following is part of a series of "Clip and Copy" forms, reprinted with permisssion from the Forms Book by Medical Economics Magazine. You can download these forms for FREE in Word or PDF as samples from the book.



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